Friday, April 29, 2016

The News and the Paper Challenge - IBMC #07

Man’s Cancer is Healed After Doing Random Acts of Kindness for a Year

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Brice Royer was diagnosed with a rare type of stomach cancer and began looking for the cause. He decided that if his life were filled with more loving and sharing, then he might be healed in return.
He started a Gift Economy Facebook group in Vancouver, BC, with the motto, “The more you give, the richer you are”… and apparently the healthier you are, too.
On April 14, Royer’s caregiver wheeled him in to see the doctor to get the results of an MRI. It’s been eleven months since he began giving away donations to people needing rent money, and unconditional love to others.
“I’m now cancer free!!” Royer wrote to Good News Network. “Thanks to all the love and kindness– it finally paid off! No surgery, chemo or medication!”
His doctor said the tumor actually shrunk–and may not even be malignant. He called the MRI results “unexplainable by western science.”
Royer spent this Christmas season raising $25,000 to build a solar tiny home for a homeless single mom, with hopes of starting a tiny village that would transition people toward jobs and permanent housing. Many Good News Network fans contributed to the campaign’s success.
He also arranged for weekly deliveries of organic vegetables to the women’s shelter where she had lived for more than a year with her little girl.
Read his open letter that details all the scientific studies that have been done about healing with love. He describes the exact treatment he prescribed for himself at a moment when depression and loneliness might have been the real killer, along with cancer: do random acts of kindness for one year without expecting anything in return.
As I was looking for some inspiring Good News , I came across this really unbelievable story of a man who suffered from stomach cancer but doing some random acts of kindness for eleven months, was a miracle and his cancer was cured by itself, without any surgery, chemo or medication.

How inspiring ! Random acts of kindness can really do miracles. And it is not only about financial help or volunteering. It is about Understanding deep fears, Healing scars of others. It is about Forgiving and Forgetting and letting go of little misunderstandings. If random acts of kindness can heal such a crucial disease, why can't we make it a lifestyle so that we never suffer from any disease. Now a days, when stress , depression, loneliness nuclear families, privacy is increasing, we have to find a way to simplify our lives. Connecting with people, being more humble and generous can prove to be a great way of Satvik living.


#This post is written for the prompt - The News and the Paper Challenge (IBMC)

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  1. That was an inspiring post! :-) Glad that you shared it.. :-)


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