Sunday, March 24, 2019

Manto : my review

I don't clearly remember when did I first read Manto, but I read his few of sideline stories during my college days. Instantly and intuitively I was curious about Manto. Thanks to Nandita Das for bringing Manto to a beautiful cinematographic experience. I watched it yesterday and I am quite swayed by the movie.

Who was Manto : He was born on 11 May, 1912 in India and he died at the young age of 42 in Lahore (Pakistan). Manto is one of the best unrivaled fierce storytellers of our times who is famous for his portrayal of India-Pakistan partition and his empathy for characters who are on periphery of our society. 

The movie- Manto : Manto is written and directed by Nandita Das and includes one of the finest actors of our times, Nawazuddin Siddiqui . Other supporting actors also have done their best to bring central character's dilemmas and doldrums onto screen. Unfortunately, we do not have tradition to celebrate a writer's life or writing into the mainstream cinema. Manto definitely adds a lot to this line. The way Manto's writings (his best stories) are entwined with his own life is mind blowing act of script-writing and cinematography. Watching this movie , you swing between reading and watching. The witty dialogues and their deeper meanings leave you astonished. There, you feel like watching this movie again and again.

The movie begins with Bombay and Manto's well-settled life. His connections with actor Shyam Chaddha, Ashok Kumar, Ismat Chugtai are well-shown. As soon as India is divided into India and Pakistan, horror begins to loom over the simple lives of common man. Every man keeps their eyes at, whether the next man is a Hindu or Muslim. Manto keeps both hindu and Muslim topi to save himself at any conflict. His fear does not escape his personality. Manto finds this transition from India to Pakistan very foolish. He discards this idea to move to Lahore each time. But at the end, he moves to Pakistan. He was afraid to be possessed by this bloody game of religions. He never wanted to die as a tragedy. In his life, he had been prosecuted six times for obscenity in his short stories. While he says, he only portrays what he sees and what he knows.

The movie gives you goosebumps many times. A must watch for every literature and movie-lover.
And for those too, who wants to know how a story is written.  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Among latest women-centric movies, Parched is one of the best drama. The movie is directed by Leena Yadav under Ajay Devgan FFilms. It is a story of three women, living in a distant village of Rajasthan, and struggling with the tantrums of patriarchal society. Being from Rajasthan myself, I know the society of Rajasthan is typically patriarchal. 

As Wikipedia says , "The village and the society are plagued by several social evils and age-old traditions and practices of patriarchy, child marriage, dowry, marital rapes and physical and mental abuse." In the movie, Tanishtha Chattergee, Radhika Apte and Surveen Chawla are in lead role and give their best in acting. The fun element put by Bijli (Surveen Chawla) is like salt in the spicy veggie. 

The issues shown in the movie are still prominent in Indian society , not only in rural areas but in educated families too. In Lajjo's (Tanishtha Chattergee) life there is an emptiness of married life as her husband has died long back. Her son treats himself as the Man of the house. In very young age he begins to visit prostitutes and falls in the bad company. Even after marriage he is only after looks and sex. 

Rani (Radhika Apte) has no issue, and she is known as the 'banjh' in society. She is also a victim of domestic violence. Provoked by Bijli , she tries to conceive by doing sex with another man and she becomes pregnant,  proving that it was not she but her husband who could not produce.

Bijli (Surveen Chawla) is an erotic dancer in a local entertainment company and also works as a prostitute. She is hated by women of the society and a taboo  at auspicious events. She is also a friend of Lajjo and Rani and fills color to their boring life. Her role is strong and well done by Surveen. 

The movie is a must watch for both drama  and offbeat movie lovers. Indian cinema really need such movies to its bag. 

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Monday, October 17, 2016

The joys of Pregnancy

As a pregnant woman I have discovered a whole new world. I don't know how time flew and I have come on the verge to give birth. Yes I have been pretty lucky not to suffer from any hardships of pregnancy. And right now I am enjoying the best part of this nine month period, the baby movements.   Women are really special and blessed because they are given this miraculous power to give birth, to suffer yet shine out the other half.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Pranali : The Tradition

Yesterday I happened to watch a movie called "Pranali : The Tradition".  The movie throws light on Devdaasi culture (which, the director claims, is still prevalent at some parts of India), but moreover the story turns around Mumbai's red light area and prostitutes' fight for their rights.

2008, Hirdesh Kambe (Director)

Pranali is a girl who lives in Maharastra . She is taken by the Pundit to make a Devdasi. Later, when she seeks the help of police, she is ultimately pushed to the life of a prostitute in Mumbai. Director, Hirdesh Kambe has shown wittingly how prostitutes are made in our society. Facts and numbers are also given where they were needed. Pranali's life takes a U turn when she becomes a mother of a girl child. An NRI named Vijay, who is doing a research on Prostitution in India begins to like Pranali's daughter Roshni and creates awareness in prostitutes for their rights, this leads to Hadtaal and Bazaar Band for many days. But politically they do not succeed. Ideally, Pranali opens a re-establishment center for prostitutes and creates alternate employment for them. Vijay writes a book on Pranali's life "Break the Silence", which becomes the bestseller in Europe.

A thought-provoking movie. The role of Upendra Limaye as Sultan and Pagali are too catchy and touching. There are many scenes in the movie which touch you deeply. Especially the one where Sultan takes a little girl from Orphanage to a bunglow on insistence of Akka (Sudha Chandran), and the little girl dies there.

To me, the movie is thousand times better than those of loose comedy movies of these days.

So I give it, 3 Stars.

Monday, May 2, 2016

The Happiness Challenge - IBMC#10

Happiness is Believing. I had an epiphany in my life when I was in college. I had come to believe in Krishna and could get intuitions about my Mom. I know it sounds eerie but when you believe in some supernatural force, it responds.  It is like heart to heart talk you could have with God.

Happiness is not when God listens to you and fulfill all your wishes, it is that when things don’t go as you had expected but still you believe that God might have some better plan. Knowing that He knows better than us, Accepting that whatever He does ,is best for us, and believing that He is always with us, is happiness.

When you develop a relationship with God, you realize he is not there to judge or punish, rather he is there to support and to accompany.

Happiness is Believing in God, with a belief that is unshakable.


#This post is written for the prompt - The Happiness Challenge (IBMC)

Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Be a Baby Challenge - IBMC #09

I remember vividly, how did I feel first few months after marriage. New home, new family members, new habits, new culture... everything was new and different to me. I was a loner since childhood and I would even like to take my morning tea alone on terrace. But my whole world went upside down after marriage. I was never a family kinda girl. My parents were professionals and I had almost spent my days reading, writing and talking to myself so living in a joint family was most alien thing I had ever imagined.

In beginning, everything irritated me, and I hated every moment spent at home. But slowly, I observed their food habits, life style etc. and I tried to cooperate. And I didn't face problems in learning new lifestyle because my husband's family was always cooperative and generous. I also understood the nature and psyche of all members. They were nice and had their own mind-sets. I knew they are also trying hard to accept a new member in their family. Its not easy for them either. So, our ties became more stronger.

I realized I can't get the same lifestyle after marriage. Their lives have changed too. I have to look at everything with fresh perspective and ready to accept them as they are. I also learnt that I am not a bad cook. Lol.

After marriage, settling in a new home with new family members, is like a new birth for a girl. She learns everything from scratch, even she wakes up,  eats and sleeps at their time. But once she learns to find balance, makes herself flexible, opens up to new challenges, she becomes a whole new world in herself.


#This post is written for the prompt - The Be a Baby Challenge (IBMC)

Friday, April 29, 2016

The Nursery Rhyme Challenge - IBMC #08

Alright, this is , I guess, going to be the most funniest post from this challenge. 

This is the rhyme : 

Johny, Johny!

Yes, Papa
Eating sugar?
No, Papa
Telling lies?
No, Papa
Open your mouth!
Ha! Ha! Ha!

I am going to edit it this way
 Daddy, Daddy!

Yes, Beta
Eating Sweets?
No, Beta
Telling lies?
No, Beta
Open your mouth!

Interpretation : 

My father-in-law is diabetic (no wonder! his son loves him too much). Anyways, my husband keep an eye on him and never let him touch any sweet. So, just for fun I changed this rhyme, Son to Dad. The last line does not end in Ha ha ha coz , my husband's concern always ends up in "Blah blah blah" as a response from my father in law. Lol. 


#This post is written for the prompt - The Nursery Rhyme Challenge (IBMC)

The News and the Paper Challenge - IBMC #07

Man’s Cancer is Healed After Doing Random Acts of Kindness for a Year

by  - 


Brice Royer was diagnosed with a rare type of stomach cancer and began looking for the cause. He decided that if his life were filled with more loving and sharing, then he might be healed in return.
He started a Gift Economy Facebook group in Vancouver, BC, with the motto, “The more you give, the richer you are”… and apparently the healthier you are, too.
On April 14, Royer’s caregiver wheeled him in to see the doctor to get the results of an MRI. It’s been eleven months since he began giving away donations to people needing rent money, and unconditional love to others.
“I’m now cancer free!!” Royer wrote to Good News Network. “Thanks to all the love and kindness– it finally paid off! No surgery, chemo or medication!”
His doctor said the tumor actually shrunk–and may not even be malignant. He called the MRI results “unexplainable by western science.”
Royer spent this Christmas season raising $25,000 to build a solar tiny home for a homeless single mom, with hopes of starting a tiny village that would transition people toward jobs and permanent housing. Many Good News Network fans contributed to the campaign’s success.
He also arranged for weekly deliveries of organic vegetables to the women’s shelter where she had lived for more than a year with her little girl.
Read his open letter that details all the scientific studies that have been done about healing with love. He describes the exact treatment he prescribed for himself at a moment when depression and loneliness might have been the real killer, along with cancer: do random acts of kindness for one year without expecting anything in return.
As I was looking for some inspiring Good News , I came across this really unbelievable story of a man who suffered from stomach cancer but doing some random acts of kindness for eleven months, was a miracle and his cancer was cured by itself, without any surgery, chemo or medication.

How inspiring ! Random acts of kindness can really do miracles. And it is not only about financial help or volunteering. It is about Understanding deep fears, Healing scars of others. It is about Forgiving and Forgetting and letting go of little misunderstandings. If random acts of kindness can heal such a crucial disease, why can't we make it a lifestyle so that we never suffer from any disease. Now a days, when stress , depression, loneliness nuclear families, privacy is increasing, we have to find a way to simplify our lives. Connecting with people, being more humble and generous can prove to be a great way of Satvik living.


#This post is written for the prompt - The News and the Paper Challenge (IBMC)

The Mass Media Challenge - IBMC#06

               I was standing at the lake side, crimson color of the sky mirrored in the water, gave a dingy mood to the twilight. The words of past life regression therapist echoed in my mind, " The ghost of your past will haunt you forever." My whole body shook , I felt a chilled shivering. As I closed my eyes, I saw a hazy body shape, neither brighter nor if it had no skin... An acute pain occurred in my head. I saw in the middle of lake again a murky shape. Suddenly from all the directions I heard, I have come to take you. Come with me.. I have come to take you... come with me... I have waited all the long for you... only for you.... " In the midst of this madness I heard telephone ring, I picked up my mobile. It was no one. There was no telephone anywhere and I had heard...clearly the ring of telephone.


#This post is written for the prompt- The Mass Media Challenge (IBMC)


The Not so Quite Quote Challenge - IBMC #05

"I don't believe in stories now. They have abandoned me. Many nights I had spent trying to scribble a serious story but in vain. I have tried everything but I am not able to come out of my comfort zone." I desperately looked at Vivan. "I am confused at  times. Should I sound? Should I echo?" He smiled, looked into my eyes and said intensely, "Shout." "I am not sure Vivan, if I am born to be a writer. I don't feel...I know I am just an average Blogger." "shhh... do not puzzle it. You need not answer all the questions! you know what, you can just laugh and laugh again. Don't be so serious."  " Its the matter of my life's goal Vivan. I am almost thirty and I have no idea why the hell I am here." "Okay okay... ." Vivan , like always felt helpless in front of Meera's logic and an unbearable thirst and impatience about life's secrets. 

"I knew it ! That I don't know." Meera muttered to herself. Vivan decided to do something now.  He stood up and asked Meera to come with him. She asked Vivan where they were going. Vivan was mute, he wondered, "Thoughts-they do what we don't ask for." It was time for some action. Vivan brought Meera a place called - Paradise Dance Group. "You remember till few years back you were one of the best dancers of this city. And how many prizes you have won for Dance." Meera didn't know what was going on in Vivan's mind so she shrugged. "Okay. We are joining Salsa classes from today. Okay? And yeah, you are also going to join Creative writing classes." Meera again looked astonishingly at Vivan, "what's this Vivan?" "Love." "What's that?" "I love you. And I don't know about life's goal but I want to have a serene beautiful life with you." Meera was completely shocked and didn't know how to behave, she could only mumble, "Vivan...I don't know... really... at times , we pretend to think on one and actually think everything else." "Hmm.. and... ." 

In half an hour , they both were having best of their times Together.


#This post is written forthe prompt - The Not so Quite Quote Challenge (IBMC).

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hunt a Haiku Challenge - IBMC #04

He was not online. I saw a new mail from him. It was his snap. He looked like... like a real hero. I don't know for how long I kept staring at him with different emotions passing by. I wrote to him, in my usual playful mood, some poetic lines : 

 eyes have wanderlust
ditch the content of face
tell a different story

As I had promised, it was my turn to share a photo of mine. I randomly chose a collage of my best pics and sent to him. I didn't know how the day passed, I was just waiting for the night. I knew the game had started and around midnight when we both were awake and online, he replied with just a haiku in return :

 expressions of face
happy sad angry frown shy
face is the index

I smiled and I knew he was smiling too. He sent me an another pic of devilish aura and asked, "so what do you think of this?". I replied : 
Angel and devil
Two sides of a coin
flip and find me

As I wondered and eagerly waited for his reply, he went offline. I felt sheer disappointment. I looked at the time, it was 12.20 am. Two minutes would have passed and I saw with surprise, my phone was ringing... 


#This post is written for the prompt Hunt a Haiku Challenge (IBMC)

Risk For Random Challenge - IBMC #03

The most common human experience on the earth is : I shouldn't have got married. Is early always too early? What do I love is - sharing experiences. Nobody should ask a girl why do they do what they do, because you will never ever get a clear logical answer. Life is not the end, its beginning. Can you believe, this 27 yr old housewife is still fighting exams, its horrible , I tell you. You are not too old for the old ones, and not too young for the young ones. Tragedies with everyone are different, one doesn't have food , the other can't lose weight. I know I am very serious kinda girl, but when it comes to Boundaries, I love to break them. Bahut hua mere baare me, so what about you? (For every reader , reply is must in comment)  ;) 


#This post is written for the prompt - Risk For Random Challenge (IBMC)

Freeze a Foto Challenge : IBMC #02

Some people, most of us in fact, feel attached to any kind of natural force , be it water, fire, earth or sky. During childhood fantasies , I had always seen Ocean as a very impeccable force. When I would close my eyes, I could hear the sound of waves. 

and suddenly... I saw myself as a young little girl who day dreamed about Ocean and its free spirited waves. The ocean also evoked a sense of violence, freedom, fearlessness, power. Those were beautiful days indeed, I had my own little world where I had my peculiar beliefs like guardian angels, and warrior princess and god knows what. But Ocean and Catholicism remains one of the most beautiful memories of my childhood Fantasies. I truly treasure them.


#This post is written for the prompt - Freeze a Foto Challenge (IBMC). 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tick Tock Tick Tock : IBMC - 1

Tick tock Tick tock … is it the time? It has flied long way. Two years have passed and life has changed alot. Yet, Tick Tock Tick Tock… it does not fly. Moments crawl. I feel empty at times. Tick tock tick … as the clock made its presence feel, I forced myself to lay back and move into a world where there is no concept of time. There is only the Sun and the Moon, the Morning and the Twilight. Tick tock… the clock arrived at 12 pm. I knew it was time to be present in the Kitchen. The heart yearned to enjoy the little secrecies of Nature. But the great human invention of Clock was definitely a Barrier. Tick… I am in the Kitchen… goodbye my fantasies.

The human heart could live in harmony with Nature, if it hadn’t bound itself so much.


# This post is written for the prompt - Phrase a Paragraph Challenge (IBMC)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Blogging is a whole World

It has been long since I have been familiar with the Second Life called the Internet. I was merely in eight standard when I learned a couple of things about Internet. Chatting became a love till twelfth standard but there was one more thing that attracted me a lot, and it was Blogging. I began to make free websites. Web designing became my passion. But Maths Phobia ensured my Failure in Web Designing Diploma course. Anyway, it was around my graduation that I began to write blogs. My last pages of diaries craved to be published and get noticed by the world. As A.I.T.E. (IndiOne, IndiBlogger) says, "keep blogging - it's the best thing you humans ever invented.", I completely agree. 

Blogging is a whole world. I am a part of IndiBlogger since long time, and I have seen it growing unbelievably. It organizes Blogger Meetings, it holds contests and now it has launched a new platform for those who take writing seriously and write effectively. IndiOne 2.0 is a system designed to help businesses with their content marketing needs and reward quality publishers with an income. That's such a good news for Bloggers. So Bloggers get up and start ! there's a lot to do in the market, grab opportunities and Open up your world. 

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